New Zealand Mint. Māui and the sun, Sperm whale October 2017






Māui and the Sun — Tama Nui-te-Rā

The legends of Māui are stories shared across many Polynesian islands, despite the considerable distance between islands such as Hawaii, Tonga and even New Zealand, the similarities between many of the legends is uncanny.

2 x 1/2oz gold

Māui’s mighty feat to slow the sun is vividly portrayed in these two 1/2oz gold coins. Minted from 0.9999 gold and set in an acrylic block, the two coins are connected through the rope which is etched into the acrylic surface. The first coin shows Māui holding tightly to the ropes which are slung between the coins and held fast to the sun. Housed within a carved, wooden case with patterns of the rope criss-crossing on the lid, this set of coins tell a popular tale through their highly detailed finish.

2 x 1oz silver

The heroic legend of Māui capturing and slowing the sun is depicted in these two 1oz silver coins. The mighty sun, Rā is captured with detailed gold plating, while Māui is portrayed holding fast the ropes he used to slow Rā. The coins are laid out in an acrylic block in a way which mimics the legend. The ropes held by Māui are etched into the surface of the acrylic block and line up with the ropes attached to Rā so that Māui appears to still be holding the sun in place.


Sperm whale

During the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, sperm whales were popular game for whalers. These giant carnivores could reach up to 18 metres in length and weigh as much as 55 tonnes.

The spermaceti oil found in their immense heads, and a waxy substance known as ambergris found in their intestines, were highly prized, and considered worth the risk of hunting these at times aggressive whales.

In this detailed coin design, a mother and her calf can be seen diving in the deep oceans off the coast of Kaikoura. In the background is the majestic Mt Fyffe and the seaward Kaikoura ranges. This 1oz silver proof coin has an enamel surface to create the glossy coating of water. Housed within an acrylic block, it is a continuation of the scene depicted on the coin itself. Packed snugly into a baby blue, leatherette case, this collectable will add a dash of colour and intrigue to your collection.

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