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NZ Mint. Disney Posters

Three Little Pigs Fine Silver Coin


Announcing the release of another unique, Disney Poster rectangular silver coin – this time featuring Three Little Pigs from 1932 which won an Academy Award® for Best Cartoon.

The Three Little Pigs 1oz Fine Silver Coin


Disney Posters
The Three Little Pigs — 1oz Silver Coin

This 1oz silver coin features a replica image of the 1930s poster for the Silly Symphony cartoon, Three Little Pigs. The design cleverly includes colour and engraving to best effect.

The coin is presented in a clever perspex case, designed to frame the coin and allow for easy display. The Certificate of Authenticity also sits within the outer box and both items have been designed to complement the coin design. This makes it a great purchase for any Disney fan or coin collector.

With a limited worldwide mintage of 10,000 coins, make sure you place your order soon!